A great part of Christian Union is the Camps. Camps are where you have an opportunity to truly bond with people as you learn about God’s word. If you’ve never been on a Christian Union Camp then you simply must attend one.  There are three main ones every year and each one is unique in it’s own way.

The first camp of every year is Base Camp which is run over a weekend in April and is a great for getting to know people in your Christian Union.

The next camp, SUMMIT, comes during the Mid Semester break in June/July which goes for 5 days and focuses in on one topic.

The final camp of the year is the National Training Event (NTE) in Canberra which involves Christian Unions from all over Australia coming together for 5 days in early December.

Camps are a fantastic way to meet new people and learn Gods Word. As Deakin Geelong is part of the Central and Western Victoria region we run our camps with Ballarat and Bendigo which is excellent for starting friendships with Christians in other locations.

If you want more information on any of these camps check out their individual pages.