We are fortunate enough as a part of the AFES to have both staff workers and trainees.  These people support us who are students as we are at University and help to run events.  They are a great help in this ministry.

Dave and Jan

Dave & Jan Martin

Dave our Full Time staff worker and his wife Jan.Dave works with the students in Geelong Christian Union to organise events, CONNECT meetings and train the students to love and serve God more. Jan works behind the scenes teaching and mentoring our apprentices and other girls in the Christian Union.
Sarah Weber - Senior Women's Staff Worker

Sarah Weber

Sarah is our Senior Women’s Worker for GCU. Sarah loves opening up the scriptures with the female students, praying with them and doing life together.
She reckons it’s super encouraging to be part of what God is doing on campus, seeing students’ lives transformed by the gospel and helping them stand firm and reach out together. When she isn’t on campus catching up with the girls, leading bible studies, organising camps and preparing talks for women’s events, Sarah loves reading, running and fiddle reeling on her violin!
Amanda Petran

Amanda Slade


Mandy is a third year ministry apprentice for Christian Union (CU). Mandy loves meeting with the female students, reading the bible, praying and just sharing life together! She is also excited this year to read Uncover with some non-Christian students and give them the chance to see for themselves who Jesus is. She is also involved in the nursing students bible study group. In her spare time Mandy likes to play netball, soccer and spend lots of time at the beach!

Damien Craig

Damien Craig

Damien is a second year apprentice for Geelong CU, and is excited for the opportunity to ask people who they think Jesus is, and reading the bible with them. He also likes video and board gaming, as well as getting outside on his bike. He is married to Meg, and they have two boys, Nate and Ethan.


Patrick Houghton

Patrick is a second year ministry apprentice with Geelong Christian Union. Patrick is very excited to see God at work on Deakin campuses and is looking forward to having the opportunity to be reading the bible and praying with students. He loves to see the word of God at work in the lives of others. He has an interest in cricket and footy and likes to read in his spare time.