Evangelical Events

Wanting to find out more about Christianity and Jesus Christ? Christian Union holds events every year answering your questions.

This year we have and exciting line up:

Trimester 1:

The Destiny of Death (1)

6in x 4in – Dr choc correct size-

Trimester 2:

  • MOLDI dinners – Week 3

Don’t let the title put you off! MOLDI stands for Meaning Of Life Discussed Intelligently and we’ll be tackling some big ethical topics over some good food.

  • Mark drama – Week 6

This is a fun, student performed drama that takes us through the life and death of Jesus through Mark’s eyes. It’s presented in a way that is both engaging and accurate to what we read in scripture.

Dates and times for trimester 2 events will be confirmed later in the year.

Come along, you never know what you might find out!

Take a look at what’s gone on in previous years at GEELONG CHRISTIAN UNION!



Scroll down to look at past events. 

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