Bible Study

Hi Everyone!

At Geelong Christian Union we want everyone at Deakin Geelong to discover the magnificent truth about Jesus!

Bible Studies are great places to investigate more about Jesus through discussing the Bible in a relaxed atmosphere.

In a Bible Study you can get to know other people, grow in knowing Jesus more deeply, and help your friends and classmates experience the difference Jesus makes at uni and beyond.

Whatever background or culture you come from you are welcome to join a Bible Study!

Bible Study Graphic


1. This trimester we will studying the book of Revelation. We use different study methods which are fantastic for getting you to carefully read the Bible yourself. Booklets are already printed and will be supplied by your leaders.

2. Those students who indicated their available times have been allocated to groups already based on available times and what we thought would work. Your group leader should be in contact with you soon. We want all groups to function well so please help this happen. If you did not indicate available times then turn up to one of the studies and join in but just SMS one of the leaders beforehand.

3. The best way to get the most out of studies are to turn up each week, participate in discussion and listen to other people.

May God’s word enrich and inform your faith in God.

campus bible study 2016